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Legal Notice

This website and all its contents, including the texts, images, sounds, databases, codes and any other material in any format are owned by the Diputació of Tarragona and by the management bodies related to it, or by third parties who have authorised the Diputació to use said contents. All of the above contents are protected by copyright legislation. The owners reserve the right to exercise the appropriate actions to claim compensation for damages for any act which breaches the copyright of these contents. Access to this website is subject to the following conditions:

  • It is strictly forbidden to distribute, copy, modify or send the contents or codes of the pages, except where expressly authorised in writing by the Diputació of Tarragona.
  • ALTANET, costadaurada, BASE, OASI and TINET are registered trademarks. Any use or reproduction of the same without the prior and express written authorisation of the Diputació is strictly forbidden. The services and products of the Diputació of Tarragona and the Management bodies related to it which appear on the website or on which information is provided are also protected by copyright.
  • Users undertake to use this service without engaging in any acts which may be considered illicit or illegal, which infringe the rights of the Diputació of Tarragona or those of third parties, or which breach current legislation. The Diputació of Tarragona shall not be responsible for third party use of the information contained on the website, in spite of the fact that this must comply with the conditions and caveats established for certain documents and applications.
  • The Diputació of Tarragona shall, at all times, comply with the current legislation applicable to data protection and shall adopt the measures required by law to protect the personal data of users, safeguarding their secrecy and confidentiality.
  • Communications made by users to the website which contain personal data shall be via a "secure" communication system, established in order to guarantee the confidentiality of information and secrecy of the users, wherever possible.  This system of encryption shall be used for information sent between users and the Diputació. Users can check that they are in a "secure environment" by confirming the existence of a closed padlock at the bottom of the screen, or a key or other symbols displayed by your browser. Consult in the help page of the browser what symbol is used to confirm that the user is in a “secure environment”.
  • Users may, at any time, exercise their rights of challenge, access, modification and cancellation by writing to the Diputació de Tarragona (Passeig de Sant Antoni, 100, 43003 Tarragona) or by sending an e-mail to protecciodades@diputaciodetarragona.cat.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), users of the website are informed that their browser details will NOT be controlled by cookies.
  • The Diputació of Tarragona will adopt the appropriate measures and mechanisms to guarantee the security of the communications and transactions which occur in the web environment, in accordance with the state of the technology and the type of transactions and services made available to the users.
  • The Diputació of Tarragona does not guarantee that the website or the server are free of virus and shall not be liable for any possible damages caused by interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephonic defects or disconnection to the operation of this electronic system beyond the control of the Diputació, or for delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system as a result of defects or overloads on telephone lines or overloads on the Internet system or on other electronic systems, or for any damages caused by third parties as a result of unauthorised access beyond the control of the Diputació.
  • The Diputació of Tarragona shall not be liable for information which may be obtained via links or from sources outside said Administrative body.
  • The Diputació of Tarragona does not guarantee the availability or future provision of the website or its services. Wherever reasonably possible, users will be notified of any interruptions to the operation of the website and its services in advance.
  • The Diputació of Tarragona reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation, configuration and contents of the website, in addition to the range of services and the conditions of use of the same.
  • Use of the present website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the present legal notice.

Any disputes relating to the present website shall be regulated exclusively by the legislation of Spain and the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, with the courts of Tarragona having sole jurisdiction. All persons using the website, irrespective of the jurisdiction from which they access the same, agree to observe and comply with the present clause, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to.