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The aim of the Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació (MAMT) website is to comply with the accessibility criteria established by the current legislation, in order to allow its contents to be accessed by the largest number of users possible, in particular disabled and elderly persons, and therefore encourage the use of new technologies among the general public.

In order to fulfil this objective, the MAMT website applies the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) standard adopted by the European Union. Specifically, we aim to comply with the AA level accessibility guidelines defined by the WAI standard, whose main purpose is to influence the web design so that content can be easily converted into other formats and is easy to understand and browse.

This means that persons with any type of disability or those who experience difficulties accessing the information on the website will be able to access the content without difficulty.

These guidelines include a feature which allows users to change the size of the text to suit their requirements, or switch off the predefined design of the MAMT website in order to view the web content more clearly.

Clearly, we cannot implement this policy without the collaboration of all users. As always, we invite you to send us your comments. This will not only help us correct any errors, but also attend to your preferences and concerns, wherever possible.


If you experience any difficulty accessing the content of the website, or would like to make any suggestions for improvement, please send a message to: mamt@altanet.org