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The library of the Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació of Tarragona houses over 15.000 titles and provides a service to art experts and students.

Since its foundation it has specialised in the field of Catalan Arts of the XIX and XX th. centuries. It also accounts for a significant number of Fine Arts magazines, both from the present times and from the last years of the XIX th. Century and early XX th. The Museum of Modern Arts, in close connection with today’s artistic feelings, has created a Documentary Fund, mostly derivating from the Plastic Arts that have been promoted by the Diputació of Tarragona.

  • Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 14.30 pm

Photographic archives

The first set of pictures to be included in the archives was that made on behalf of the Diputació of Tarragona in 1929 by the photographers Pere Català i Pic and Hermenegild Vallvé i Vilallonga, for the International Exposition of Barcelona of that year, and displayed in the “Spanish Monuments” section. Later on, other sets were recovered, that had been presented to the various contests promoted by the Diputació of Tarragona in the sixties and seventies. The archives grew steadily from that moment on, both through purchase and donations. In 1989, a collection of seventeen daguerrotypes and three hundred glass plates were included as deposits .

Sale of photographic reproductions

The Museum offers a sale and rental service for the photographs of its collections, for study, research and publication purposes, at all times ensuring the lawful use of these images, in accordance with copyright law.

For more information, call (+34) 977 235 032, or send an e-mail to mamt@dipta.cat.

  • Tax regulation nº 10
    Governing fees for the private use of photographic material owned by the Tarragona Museum of Modern Art.

Conference room

Conference room

The Museum has a conference room, with capacity for 100 people and equipped with state of the art technology, available to all the institutions and organisations of the region.

  • Tax regulation nº 16
    Governing fees for the special private use of the conference room located at the Palau of the Diputació de Tarragona, at the Palau Bofarull of the Music Conservatory of the Diputació in Reus and the Museum of Modern Art.

The Conference Room houses four bronze plafonds -Plafó lleons, Plafó lluitadors, Plafó óssos polars, Plafó gimnastes- by the sculptor Santiago Costa and a large-format work -Molí- produced in wood and recycled materials by the artist Enric Adserà Riba.