a cura d'Enric Baixeras Sastre
signatura saumells

The drawings, sculptures and paintings of Saumells reveal profound speculations. These were shared by his contemporaries. Concern for human beings, all alone in the darkness. A longing to see them accompanied and facing the light. Curiosity about the meaning of bible scenes, mysteries and parables, about maternity, children and family, about the ineffable space invaded by music. An affection (Picassian!) for circus performers, artists and miracle workers, for characterisations, of prophets or demons…

In 1962, Raimon sang “we say no, we are not of this world”. Wherever he went, large groups of boys and girls with a fresh and sincere attitude, yearning for a more just world, were dying to listen to him. The Nova Cançó fitted in with beat thinking. It sympathised with the popular human rights marches led by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, supported by so many. Between 1957 and 1965, Saumells staged several exhibitions in North America. Undoubtedly, he had clients “affected” by the human charity movements of the worshippers of God. It is evident that the existentialist conscience that moved him in his youth had caught up with him.

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