a cura d'Enric Baixeras Sastre
signatura saumells

Saumells creates in the milieu of the being, the subject, of the human body and figure and human groups. His message revolves around the male figure. Mature men of various ages, slim and dressed in tunics down to their feet. The leanness and sober attire give them an interesting, wise, superior and inviolable air. Saumells himself gave them names: apostle, thinker, ecce homo, artist... In general, the names explain to us the type of interpellation each figure seems to be making.

Looking at ourselves as Sartre did, Saumells saw each of us, transplanted to the heart of the industrial society, reduced to a mere function, suffering a futile passion, prisoners within a context of existence, rebels, and desperate to escape. Consequently, as an artist (Saumells was one of the group), he felt a calling to warn us. His characters, powerful like frothy waves, are communicating a ray of hope and are offering us a refuge.

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