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signatura saumells

Lluís M. Saumells Panadès (Gironella 1915 – Tarragona 1999), sculptor, painter and artist, is one of the artists of the Catholic renovation who travelled across Western Europe after the Second World War. Avant garde art had been condemned by Nazism but, with the Allied victory, it became a universal artistic language and a symbol of freedom. Saumells is among those who kept the avant garde spirit alive.

Saumells went to Paris. He remained there to master his technique and make a name for himself.

He exhibited in Catalonia, and in Castille, France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and North America. He won awards at various events. In 1958, he was selected at Pittsburg at the 41st International Show sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation.

Saumells was a citizen of Tarragona through family origin and for having chosen Tarragona as a place to live and exercise his art. He started modelling when he was 15. He opened personal workshops, used others and produced most of his work in Tarragona. From Tarragona, he became famous in his own country and abroad, presenting himself everywhere as a Catalan artist. He was also a teacher (1949-1952) and the director (1952-1984) of the Diputació Art School Workshop.

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