a cura d'Enric Baixeras Sastre
signatura saumells

Some artists, who had witnessed the cruel and desperate times of the Second World War and the postwar period, communicated their aversion towards the human condition. Picasso, Giacometti, Bernard Buffet, Bacon and their followers blamed man for being unable to prevent such immense suffering. The unease they suffered was called the anxiety of the existentialists.

Saumells suffered the historical crisis of the war and the postwar period, and also the anxiety of existing. He fought courageously and managed to overcome his personal unease by dedicating the finest attributes of the artist to communicate compassion through the image. He coincided with Mounier in wanting to commit himself to the human genre. His religious images respond to the contemporary aggiornamento of Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council. To sum up, they want us to believe that the meaning of life lies beyond experience.

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