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The Projection of the Artist 1910-1915


He began his relationship with the Romero de Torres brothers, Julio and Enrique. This friendship, especially with Julio, and his love for Andalusia, bore its fruit in his work: the Lizard monument– of which he made the preliminary model although the monument was never built – The woman with the Mantilla, and two drawings and a trial for the engraving Homage to Córdoba.


In 1811 he won the competition to build the Monment to the Heroes of Tarragona; his plan was selected above the proposals by Anselm Nogués and Carles Mani.


Julio Antonio moved his workshop to Madrid, where he set it up in an annexe to the Codina foundry. He worked on casting, in a more spacious studio which enabled him to take on larger-scale works such as the monument to Chapí, the statue of Wagner and the sculpture of St. John.


Ramón Gómez de la Serna founded in Madrid the famous Pombo crypt circle, in which numerous personalities from the worlds of literature and art took part. Julio Antonio was among the first, and the writer described him as follows:

“He sometimes appears with his Flamenco singer’s face, with his rough, dark gaze and his bullfighter’s, butcher’s hands, hands which move in the air as if, filled with clay, they were poking the clay, the index finger the spatula of the sculptor modelling what he is saying.”


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