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The Early Years 1889 - 1906


Born in Móra d’Ebre (Ribera d’Ebre) on 6th February 1889.

Aquilino Rodríguez García, his father, originally from the León region of Spain, was a junior infantry officer. His mother, Lucía Hernàndez Costa, was from Móra d’Ebre. He had two older sisters, Pepita and Erenia.

His first teacher in Mora d’Ebre was Lluís Vinyes Viñales, and he used clay from the banks of the Ebro to create his earliest works.


The family moved to Tarragona and lived in the Calle Augusto, at the corner of the Calle de San Agustín.

He attended classes at the Ateneo Tarraconense para la Clase Obrera, which provided an unoficcial education for working people. His teachers there were Marià Pedrol, who taught drawing, and Bernat Verderol, who taught sculpture.


Julio Antonio’s father was posted to Cuba, and the rest of the family moved to Barcelona.

Julio Antonio continued his training in the workshop of the sculptor Feliu Ferrer i Galzeran.


The family moved again, this time to Murcia, where Julio Antonio produced his first known sculpted group, Sick Flowers.


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