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Plenitude 1916-1919

During the final years of his life he planned and executed large numbers of monuments, making him one of the country’s best-known artists.

On 15th February 1919, Julio Antonio died in the Villa Luz sanatorium in Madrid, where he had been admitted through the mediation of Dr. Gregorio Marañón. At the moment of his death he was accompanied by his mother and sisters, by Dr. Marañón himself, Enrique Lorenzo Salazar, Julián Lozano, Lluís Bagaría, Moya del Pino, Vázquez Díaz and Ramón Pérez de Ayala.

His death was a veritable cause for mourning in cultural circles.

Shortly before, the people of Madrid and their political and cultural representatives paid homage to him in the public presentation of the Lemonier mausoleum.


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