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Bronze Nu

Imatge de Julio Antonio

Julio Antonio: A Sculptor's Life

In 1968, the Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona was bequeathed a large part of the work of Julio Antonio (Móra d’Ebre–Madrid 1919).

Although the exhibition shows several aspects of Julio Antonio’s work, particularly his attempts at renewing sculpture in Spain and his links to the literary movement Generación del 98, its main objective is to make local people and visitors in general more familiar with the Monument to the Heroes of 1811 and to show the value of the relation between art and the society in which it exists.

The fact that the monument is located on the Rambla Nova, at the crossroads with the Carrer d’Yxart and the Carrer Cañellas has turned it into one of the icons of the city but, even so, many of those who are well acquainted with it would have great difficulty in telling us anything about it.