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Recent work of the artist Enric Adserà



Dreams, deliriums and spectres.
Enric Adserà, recent work.
From 15 December 2011 to 5 February 2012

Throughout the long artistic career which Enric Adserà contemplates from his 70 years that we are now celebrating (most of them spent living in Holland), his work has moved between reality and fantasy, imagination and memory, and conscious and unconscious thought.
His more recent works, which have been produced specially for this MAMT exhibition, contemplate an undeniable fact: we spend a third of our lives sleeping and during this time our mind moves from a palpable reality towards "another" reality, a "place" which is not a place at all, without space or time, totally beyond control and outside reason, where all our references disappear. In this strange environment, the self is diluted, on being forced to interact within a confused and absurd environment inhabited by strange and spectral beings, where the terrible and the wonderful go hand in hand, and where we go from a state of maximum pleasure to one of unlimited horror.
The author, from the artistic roots and foundations of the past, which he has a profound knowledge of, and his vast technical baggage, explores this entire disturbing universe, from a vehement, constant and passionate experimentation, in search of unknown formulas that allow him to see art as a continual surprise and a continuous expressive challenge.