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Espai tactil

The Modern Art Museum of the Diputació of Tarragona has opened the Julio Antonio and Richard Wagner/Lost wax casting in bronze tactile exhibit

The Julio Antonio and Richard Wagner/Lost wax casting in bronze exhibit area is a museum project of the Modern Art Museum of the Diputació of Tarragona which aims to reach out to those with sensory difficulties and to the general public as a whole.

It is the first step in making the museum’s collections accessible to everyone.

Using the Julio Antonio sculpture Monument to Richard Wagner as a base, an exhibit has been created in which, as well as explaining the artist’s relationship with the work, provides detailed information on an industrial activity directly linked to the artistic creation:  lost wax casting in bronze, a technique little known by the general public but essential to sculpture production.

In the area, visitors can see and touch the four basic elements present in the development of this technique, in this case in relation to the model of the Monument to Richard Wagner:

-    The initial plaster cast.
-    The formwork of the cast.
-    The wax model.
-    The casted work.

And finally, the completed model that would have been used to produce the final work, which was never executed.

The exhibit also features an audio-visual film, recorded at the Vilà Foundation in Valls and produced by La Ferida Produccions, which explains the technique of  the lost wax casting process.

The entire exhibit is signposted in braille and is equipped with a hearing loop for the people with hearing aids.

The content of the exhibit was designed and prepared by the Modern Art Museum of the Diputació of Tarragona and executed by Insitu Comunicació with the support of ONCE, which from the outset, and with the participation of its partners, helped establish the appropriate operating parameters for the project.

This is only the first step. In the near future, we will start work on the creation of new tactile exhibits in the sphere of painting and sculpture for the recognition of art works: the next project will be the Tapís de Tarragona (Tapestry of Tarragona), by Joan Miró and Josep Royo.

What is more, we shall continue to work on improving the accessibility of the Museum.