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DVD publication on the sculptor Lluís M. Saumells

25th, November 2010


The Mútua Catalana Public Foundation, with the support of the Diputació of Tarragona – Modern Art Museum – and Tarragona City Council, has published a DVD on the life and work of the sculptor and the principal of the Tarragona Art School, Lluís Saumells.

The DVD was produced by La Ferida Produccions, formed by David Fernández and Gerard Gil, with the collaboration and testimony of the artist’s brother and sister, Natàlia and Robert Saumells, the artists Elisa Olivé, Tomàs Olivar, Josep M. Rosselló, Josep Royo, the metal caster, Ramón Vilà, the art historians and critics, Enric Baixeras and Assumpta Rosés, the Roca i Palau family, Josefina Cabré, Maria del Carme Virgili, Maria Pilar Piñol and Montserrat Palau.

The DVD is available to those interested at the Modern Art Museum of the Diputació of Tarragona.