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Jaume Mercadé

Jaume Mercadé, in search of total art

From 16 november to 14 genuary 2018

Imatge Jaume Mercadé

Jaume Mercadé, in search of total art

Jaume Mercadé i Queralt (Valls 1889 - Barcelona 1967) was a silversmith and a painter. He was a well-travelled man, a witness to the mutations which art underwent during his time, a non-conformist who investigated, experimented and produced the new European creative propositions of the moment.
Of his pictoric work, one of the most remarkable aspects is his capacity to translate to his canvases the essence of the landscapes of the people and the surroundings of the Tarragona Region, from its farmland to its beaches, and in particular the Bosc de Valls, a meeting and harvesting point, and one of the recurring themes throughout his artistic career. He also produced portraiture and still life with great mastery.
His work would evolve over the years, incorporating all the contributions produced in painting during the first half of the 20th century.
We should not overlook the important work he produced in the field of jewellery, with initial works in a noucentism spirit, evolving towards a quest for a new avant-garde language for which he would receive widespread acclaim.
Mercadé lived and worked for an art which covers a series of elements from his individual and collective life, from the female necklace or bracelet to domestic silverware - coffee makers, cutlery and chandeliers. This desire and artistic career in search of total art is what makes him so relevant in today's world.