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Presentation the exhibition "Pere Català i Pic (restrospectiva)"

Fotografia, patrimoni i avantguarda

16th march to 30th of april

Imatge Pere Catala i Pic

"Modern photography still had not begun
when the extraordinary Exhibition was held in 1929.
An advertisement for a [Josep] Sala compressor and nothing more.
The only thing that remains is the poster of the Dique Flotante [Floating Dyke]".
Pere Català i Pic

The International Exhibition of Barcelona marks a turning point in Catalonia's history: the arrival of modernity and avant-garde art coincide, albeit with the economic crisis. Català i Pic realises at this moment that he must leave Valls, establish himself in Barcelona and bank on modernity, advertising, psychology and photomontage.
The exhibition we present is divided into two principle areas: on the one hand, we recover the multiplicity of the work of Pere Català i Pic with a retrospective and chronological offering in three key moment; while on the other, we reflect on the dialogue between heritage and avant-garde, between tradition and modernity. These two concepts do not oppose each other in the thinking and in the work of the photographer, nor are they two separate phases, but an integral way of seeing the world that is enriched by the past and the future. His output can be interpreted as an aesthetic, advertising-based and pedagogical investigation, between the reclaiming of origins and the construction of a Republican society.
As can be seen in this exhibition, Pere Català i Pic reflects and presents in his work his obsession with modernity and tradition, a dialogue which allows us to understand his status as an avant-garde artist, but also as a self-taught intellectual.

Pablo Giori, biographer and curator of the exhibition