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Feminine plural Women artists in the Tarragona regions.

Felícia Fuster and Mercè Modol, "El diàleg (The Dialogue)"

25 genuary to 5 march

Imatge El Diàleg

Felícia Fuster and Mercè Modol, "El diàleg (The Dialogue)"
Two artists, Felícia Fuster (Barcelona 1921) and Mercè Modol (Terrassa 1934, but from Valls since she was ten). Two worlds and two visions. Felícia Fuster created her work from Paris, and Mercè Modol always from Valls. Consequently, it establishes an imaginary dialogue between the two works of two veteran artists, even though they never knew each other. Felícia Fuster died in Paris on 4 March 2012.
This is the last of the exhibitions dedicated to women artists from the Tarragona region, under the title "Plural femení (Feminine plural)". It features a Catalan artist who produced her work abroad and another one who has always lived in our region. This exhibition concludes the series, by presenting two artists with very different experiences: one in a town from the interior of our region and another in one of the world's major centres of artistic creation, while maintaining her ties to Catalonia.
The two artists created and interesting and diverse body of work, with very different careers, each one creating their own artistic language. Painting, sculpture, engraving, ceramics and installations make up this exhibition, with paths that separate and converge at the same time.
How, then, can we establish this dialogue? We do so by respecting the work of two women who dedicated much of their lives to the art world and who are an example of honesty, courage and a passion for freedom.