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Feminine plural Women artists in the Tarragona regions.

The emergence 1976-1990

16 november 2016 to 15 genuary 2017


Feminine plural
Women artists in the Tarragona regions
The emergence
To speak of women artists is to speak of ignorance, of research, of claim.
This is the latest collective exhibition dedicated to women artists in the Tarragona regions. It is a group of the youngest creators in the region, made up of Sara Berga, Mar Borrajo, Andulplandu [Elisabet Díez Rodríguez], Ester Fabregat, Mariona Moncunill, Ariadna Parreu, Núria Rion and Marta Roigé. Artists who are in the process of consolidation, without this situation affecting the value and importance of their work or even their careers. They reflect the society and the world we live in, they have grown and trained themselves during the last few years, feeding off the visual culture of their time and, of course, the political, economic and social situation they have experienced.
Like their colleagues of the same generation, they work under continual experimentation and do not restrict themselves to one medium: depending on what they want to say or what they want to express, they use video, photography, performance, installations and, of course, traditional media, such as drawing, painting and sculpture. In other words, they are part of the broad plurality that characterises art today.
These artists and their works are constructing a significant space in the visual memory of the times we live in, and at the same constructing a significant part of the future of art in our regions. 

Antonio Salcedo Miliani
Exhibition curator