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Feminine plural. Women artists in the Tarragona regions.

The consolidation 1951-1975

From 14 july to 28 august 2016

La consolidació

Feminine plural.
Women artists in the Tarragona regions.
The consolidation 1951-1975

To speak of women artists is to speak of ignorance, of research, of claim.
This exhibit offers an insight into the artistic creation of women artists in the Tarragona regions born between 1951 and 1975. Women who, because of the generation they belong to, have had many more opportunities to access the artistic world than in previous times.
Social changes and new customs are evident in the profiles of our creators: the majority that make up this group have a sound academic background; many have developed their careers as teachers of artistic disciplines in schools and high schools, and some have made their mark as social and political activists. However, all of them have worked towards a common goal:  to bring contemporary art closer to children, young people and the general public. And to achieve this, their sphere of activity has broadened considerably, to include painters, sculptors, ceramic artists, engravers, enamel artists, video creators, conceptual artists, creators of installations, etc. Furthermore, new technologies and social networks have given them greater visibility.
So today, in spite of the scepticism and the obstacles that still exist towards women in today's society, the situation has changed considerably and we can now say that, within the sphere of art, the opportunities and difficulties are virtually the same for all artists.

The aim of this exhibition, therefore, is to present and make public the value and the significance of the work produced by the artists featured in it. Women artists, creators of works produced using all kinds of techniques and materials included within the broad spectrum that characterises art today.

Antonio Salcedo Miliani
Author of the book Plural femení. Dones artistes a les comarques de Tarragona.
La consolidació, 1951-1975 (Feminine plural. Women artists in the Tarragona regions. The consolidation, 1951-1975).
Exhibition curator