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Magda Folch

Magda Folch, the impressionist perspective

From 10 March to 30 April 2016

Magda Folch

Magda Folch
Reus, 1903 - Tarragona, 1981

Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació of Tarragona
Carrer de Santa Anna, 8 - 43003 Tarragona

Magda Folch, the impressionist perspective
From 10 March to 30 April 2016

Reus Museum
Raval de Santa Anna, 59 - 43201 Reus

Magda Folch, the mastery of the portrait
From 11 March to 15 May 2016

There are certain painters who, having executed their work within the context of figurative disciplines, have been silenced or forgotten, because trends now highlight other disciplines, other artists. Even more so if such artists were women, since they have suffered twice the indifference of a society dominated by men. It is time to start to reconstruct the History of Art, taking their presence into account at all times.

These exhibitions attempt to remove the veil that condemned into oblivion the career and work of a great artist. Magda Folch, born in Reus, a cultured person, a fighter, a brilliant painter and teacher by vocation, who produced her work among the obstacles of the Republic, the convulsive Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship. Evidence of this are the exhibitions organised in various galleries and art rooms, from the beginning in Reus, then in Figueres, later in Ibiza and finally in Tarragona, as a consequence of changes to the family home, resulting from the different destinations of her husband Emili Donato, a lecturer in Philosphy, and her companion through happiness and misfortune. The evolution of her painting was constant, the academic golds gradually giving way to generous and fruitful greens, and an increasingly more agile, fresher and more luminous execution.

As part of the inaugural acts, volume 36 of the Tamarit collection will be presented, a joint production of the Diputació of Tarragona and Viena edicions, entitled: "Magda Folch, the impressionist perspective", written by Josep M. Rosselló and Carme Puyol, with a prologue by José Corredor-Matheos.

Furthermore, the exhibition being held at the Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació of Tarragona is the starting point for the activities that will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of this institution. Events which will continue throughout the year based on the theme "Feminine Plural", which will serve to showcase feminine creativity throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and up to the current day, in the Tarragona regions.