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Josep Maria Garcia-Llort

Garcia-Llort observing the state of the world Paris, Louisiana, Barcelona and Torredembarra

From 16 April to 28 June 2015


Josep Maria Garcia-Llort (Barcelona 1921-2003) was one of the prominent artists in the re-establishment of modernity during Spain's unfavourable years under Franco.   A unique character with an unmistakeable poetry, he created ironic fables that described the miseries and passions of the human condition. His painting, with its vibrant colours and compositions influenced by cubism and a trace of Romanesque, generated a particular expressionistic beauty.  His artistic career was influenced by the locations where he lived and worked: Barcelona in the beginning, Paris, Louisiana and New York (his wife Martha was American) during the fifties, and subsequently, Barcelona once more and Torredembarra. In Torredembarra, where he spent his summers from 1956, he painted many of his later works and witnessed the entire transformation of society and the landscape caused by tourism.