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Pedro Peña Gil

Between the lines

20 February to 5 April 2015

Pedro Peña Gil

In the words of the art critic Antonio Labella:  Pedro Peña - in the winning work and in others of the same series - ?invites us to inhabit a world full of poetic abstractions, transited by an apparently random number of lines. Some of these lines imprint themselves on the pictorial mass by scratching the surface, while others are superimposed by adding more paint. Either through their absence or their presence, the lines set the tempo for interpreting the magma of colour and the forms that fill the space. As we become seduced by the visual equation, we feel that there is a tension between the two planes, the energetic base of pure materialism apparently in expansion and a formula of lines that represents a more complex state. Like seams, the stripes maintain the unity of the masses.
Along his journey of experimentation, the artist has transferred these formulas to other creative disciplines. Unsurprisingly, given his long career as a photographer, he could not resist constructing/testing these compositions in his photographic images. He has taken the image, weighed its content in order to produce the emotional equilibrium of the composition, extracting or adding material until reaching the moment he considers appropriate to state that his fragment belongs there.  The two planes are no longer independent, photograph and straight lines embracing each other to form a new visual construction.