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Enric Llevat


From 28 of november 2014 to 8 of february 2015

Enric Llevat

Enric Llevat - SOULS

New forms and compositions, new worlds, new directions... Enric Llevat invites us to explore in his new exhibition and confesses "in my art everything flows naturally and often things that were not foreseen occur. I am interested in the quest for the idea, the criticism, or simply those moments of uncertainty and change in my compositions. These works aim to be scenes from life, photographs of our societies today. The forms play with the space, without unnecessary accessories, and I try to get close to the soul and essence of art".

The exhibition will be commissioned by Eva Jove, an independent commissioner. The exhibition will be staged in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where the artist staged a totally accessible exhibition back in 2012. In this case, the Modern Art Museum of Tarragona brings together the artist's most recent works, making them accessible to the general public.

Enric Llevat (Castellvell, 1977) has a degree and a master's degree in Art History (URV and UAB), as well as a technical degree in applied arts in painting and jewellery. He lectures in art at the Tarragona School of Art and at his private workshop. He has exhibited his works and artistic installations in various museums and galleries throughout Spain. He is currently exhibiting his work in Osaka (Japan).