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Tomás Olivar

Passió del color - vivència del paisatge (Passion of colour - Survival of landscape)

7 February to 30 March 2014

Tomas Olivar

Tomás Olivar (1929 - 2013)
Passió del color - vivència del paisatge (Passion of colour - Survival of landscape)
Commissioned by Raquel Medina
7 February to 30 March 2014

On 7 February, the Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona presents the exhibition by Tomás Olivar (1929 - 2013), Passió del color - vivència del paisatge.
The anniversary of the death of the artist has culminated in this project, which began during the final year of his life and in which he participated enthusiastically until his final moments.
The exhibition presents a review of the work of this artist, in which the city of Tarragona, the port, the neighbourhoods and the people of its regions are its predominant and inexhaustible subject matter: land and seascapes, at all times dealt with in an explicit, agile and decisive manner that combines brush and spatula. Furthermore, the frenzy of a chromatism that is always bold is without doubt the distinctive and most characteristic element of a temperamental and expressive art. A true chronicler of the city, his urban compositions combine the location, the ambience and often an anecdote of the environment experienced and the much-loved landscape, at all times from subjective perspective. 
The inauguration also included the presentation of volume 32 of the collection of Tamarit art books, jointly published by the Diputació of Tarragona and Viena edicions, in which its author, Dr. Raquel Medina, explains the extensive artistic career of Tomàs Olivar, a precocious artist who lived in Tarragona from his early childhood and who had a lifelong relationship with the Tarragona School of Art and Design, where he began as a student and was a lecturer until his retirement.