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Àngel Pomerol

In memoriam

From 12 December 2013 to 26 January 2014

Àngel Pomerol

This museum exhibit presents some artefacts that invite us on a journey in which, as well as questioning their material nature, attempts to speak to us not only of their history, but of their inherent soul. These objects form part of the paradigm of an orderly destruction, the last days of a civilisation that is disappearing, and, in an exercise of memory, we attempt to pay homage to memory, which is the learning of the unreal. It is also an indispensable exercise in order to survive from the memory of others. It could be that the museum exhibit already forms part of a past, like a ruinous deposit of a disappeared humanity and illustration, or even that the melancholic search for absence of meaning is another manifestation of our disenchantment.

This passage through some beautiful ruins could yet teach us a lesson in humility, one that tells us that the only possible salvation for humans cannot be found beyond the times or on the other side of our era, but precisely in these ruinous, avaricious and dark times of ours, even though it is not easy to know in which of its hours. Old age is precisely that kind of "perfect" or "finished" past that shows us the boundary of what can no longer be, of what we can no longer or will no longer become. And the difference between the present and the imperfect past, which we return to again and again to revive, forms part of the construction of our present and our future, in an age in which utopias have given way to crudeness and disbelief.  However, with a more optimistic spirit, we could believe, as Fogwill does, that the best outcome of the act of remembering is not discovering a truth, but replacing it with something better.