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Jordi Forniés

Conditioned landscape

From 17 October to 1 December 2013

Jordi Fornies

In the creation of his paintings, Jordi Forniés is inspired by what he sees in nature and in the changes that occur within it. The dynamism and variability that affects the final result does not appear to be wholly predictable. In these landscapes there are permanent elements that are not affected by minor changes and others that completely transform the perception and interpretation of his paintings.

The works being presented in this exhibition have been created with a commitment to push the boundaries of the interactions between the materials and such changes, in attempt to capture the reactions and energy of these imaginary prints and create conditioned landscapes.

In this project, the artist aims to go beyond the limitations of the canvas and conventional materials in order to capture, as in life, the reactions and interactions between the natural elements chosen. The results are dynamic, combinable and represent a constant evolution.

Music is also added to this process. The music acts as an additional layer which opens up the reactions to a new sense. All the materials and components are part of the same experience, the creative process, and are not exclusively limited to pigments, latex or wax. The musical notes and sounds impregnate the brushes, creating a perfect medium for the observing listener.

In this exhibition, the artist presents a series of 25 paintings measuring 120 x 120 cm produced by employing different techniques and materials to produce complex and dynamic textures of form and colour. Organic landscapes which simultaneously representing a single landscape in its entirety, a landscape conditioned by the artist during its creation and through the interpretation of the observer and listener.

The music has also been composed with real sounds captured during the creative process. In the same manner, these sounds undergo a process of transformation, in order to combine them with what is represented in the painting. 

This exhibition has been organised in collaboration with the Museum Council of the Autonomous Government of Valencia.