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Josep Sala

Final brushstrokes

From 18 April to 23 Juny 2013

Josep Sala

This exhibition presents a collection of works produced by Josep Sala during the last two years of his life (2009-2010)
From a very young age, this artist revealed a singular passion for art. Despite his parents urging him to study at the Industrial School, his keen interest in art led him to the Llotja School of Art and Trades in Carrer Aribau in Barcelona. He worked in the studio of Ricard Fàbregas, a painter, poster artist and illustrator. In 1947, following the death of his master, at the age of 41, he went on to study aerography at the studio of the specialist Barba.
In 1950, sponsored by the art critic Angel Marsà, he presented his first exhibition of watercolours at the Jardín gallery to considerable success. He repeated the experience at Sala Busquets after completing his military service. In 1953 he married Amanda Trius, who would become his inseparable companion and the mother of his children. He entered the world of advertising design and quickly set up his own studio where he developed his brilliant and highly successful career in this field. He demonstrated his creative talent with historic designs such as the lamb in the Norit fabric conditioner adverts, created in 1960. In parallel, he continued to exercise his artistic vocation in private by working with watercolours, wax and in particular oil, until 1975, when he decided to publicly exhibit his oil paintings at the Tramontan gallery.
In 1978 he took the decision to move to Altafulla permanently and abandon his advertising career in Barcelona to dedicate himself exclusively to painting. He never regretted this. He began to exhibit throughout the Iberian Peninsula, embarking on a collaboration with the galleries Anquin’s (Reus) and Sokoa (Madrid), which he maintained throughout his life. He also exhibited frequently at Inter-Atrium in Porto, the Comas gallery in Barcelona and other galleries such as Foz in Sitges, Gamma in Tortosa, Espín in Bilbao, Toscana in Valencia, Rusiñol in Sant Cugat... He also exhibited in galleries in Florida in the United States, Japan, France, Brussels, Braga… Professional success accompanied him wherever he went.
In 1983 he was officially appointed the first adopted son of Altafulla. The same year he published his first book on the work of Julio Trenas. Since then numerous texts have published on his work (see bibliography).
In 1993 The Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació de Tarragona dedicated an anthological exhibition to his work featuring an extensive catalogue, in collaboration with the Culture Department of the Catalan Regional Government, an itinerant exhibition that was held at the Palau Moja in Barcelona, among other locations.
In 2008 Amanda passed away. Two years later, on 25 June 2010, Josep Sala passed away in Altafulla at the age of 82.