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Let’s work with art

The schools exhibit at the MAMT

From 12 June to 4 July 2010

One of the aims of the MAMT Pedagogical of the Tarragona Museum of Modern Art is to establish a line of cooperation between the education community in the Tarragona region and the Museum.

The presentation of the fourth edition of the exhibition “The schools exhibit at the MAMT” demonstrates the consolidation of this interdisciplinary project included within the education offer of the MAMT Pedagogical.

For the 2009-2010 academic year, we have collaborated with the students and teachers of the Joan XXIII Bonavista Infants and Primary School, who have produced the following projects: Forms and colours, based on the work Abstracte (Abstract) by Jacint Salvadó; Collage with the work Sense Títol (Untitled) by Ana Sánchez; Portrait, with the work Hermana I (Sister I) by Barbara Stammel; Landscape with the works Paisatge (Landscape) by Gonzalo Lindín and L’esfinx de Roscoff (The Sphinx of Roscoff) by José Nogué; Large Tapestries (Sobreteixims), based on the large tapestries produced by Joan Miró and Josep Royo and Homage to Sarajevo with the work of the same name, by Jaume Solé.