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Katia Acín

Graphic Work

13 July to 23 September 2012

Katia Acín

This anthological exhibition reveals the artistic career of Katia Acín Monrás (Huesca 1923 – Pamplona 2004).

Following a professional career teaching History, in 1989 Katia Acín enrolled at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, specialising in Engraving and Painting.

Having completed her studies in 1994, she moved to Altafulla, where her daughter Conchita lives, and attended the Art School of the Diputació in Tarragona, while continuing with her research work in the field of engraving, where she played an active part in the activities of the School.

The exhibition being held by the Museum has been possible thanks to the efforts of
her former tutors at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona: Alícia Vela and Antònia Vilà who, with the support of the family of Katia Acín, carried out the process of reviewing, analysing and classifying of her work. It has also been made possible thanks to the Government of Aragon and the Diputación of Huesca, the organisers of the exhibition.

Special mention is also due to the Ramón and Katia Acín Foundation, created to preserve and transmit the values which Ramón Acín – artist and teacher – and his daughter Katía have contributed to our society.