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From 16 to 23 June


To coincide with the 35th anniversary of the founding of the jewellery workshop at the Diputació of Tarragona School of Art and Design, the 7th Travelling Symposium of Contemporary Jewellery will be held in Tarragona from 16 to 23 June.

The Travelling Symposium is being promoted by Sonia Ruiz de Arkaute, jeweller and gemmologist, and has already been held in various European cities: Vitoria, Lisbon, Travassos, Mahon, and Vilafranca del Penedès. This year it is being organised in Tarragona by the School of Art and Design, which will be the venue used to house the work and present the proposals offered by the invited jewellers. Simultaneously, three contemporary jewellery exhibitions will be held at the Museum of Modern Art, the Patio of the Diputació and the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona.

It is an open door symposium, given that it is being held in an art school in order to give the students the opportunity to see how jewellers work and to attend the presentations of their work, which will also be open to professionals and the general public. The participants will spend two days visiting the city and certain locations in the province, followed by five days producing their own works. Every day, two or three jewellers will give a short conference or talk on their work.

The participants at the symposium are: Miroslav Cogan (Curator of the Ceskejo raje de Turnov Museum, (Czech Republic), Petr Dvorak (Vienna), René Hora (Prague), Gisbert Stach (Munich), Alexandra Lisboa (Lisbon), Bety Majernikova (Slovakia), Ruudt Peters (Holland), Simone ten Hompel (England), Estela Sàez (Girona), Beverley Price (South Africa), Kristyna Spanihelova (Czech Republic), Sonia Ruiz de Arkaute (Vitoria) and Tomàs Palos (Tarragona).

During these days, four exhibitions have been scheduled, to take place in the city’s old quarter. At the Patio of the Diputación, an exhibition of the jewels of the Ceskejo raje de Turnov Museum will be held. At the Museum of Modern Art, the work of the artists participating at the symposium will be exhibited. At the National Archaeological Museum, there will be an exhibit entitled De la memòria a la creació (Ordre i Caos) (From memory to creation. Order and Chaos), in which the jewellers Sharon Schaffner, Mayumi Tsukuda, Marisa Perales and Imma Gibert will exhibit. At the VECCHIO jeweller’s-gallery, under the title 5 Passions de joieria (5 Passions of jewellery), five former students of the Diputació of Tarragona School of Art and Design will exhibit their works: Irene Carrera, Ignasi Garreta, Christian García, Tasias and Maria Vecchio. In the foyer of the School of Art and Design, the works produced by its jewellery students this academic year will be exhibited.