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Ester Fabregat

In liquid transit

From 17 February to 22 April 2012


Crossing a country, being between the origin and the destination. Always from one place to another. Movement becomes a fixed point, the norm. Transit, in transit...which is still not at the point of arrive...where?...when there is no destination, the transit is eternal.
In transit, waiting before arriving at the destination. Waiting for the connection, temporarily idle before continuing towards the destination. State of transit.
Series of installations on states of liquid transit. Reflections on temporary suspensions in transit of a movement from an origin towards an unfixed, mobile destination.
“Liquid” is the flexible and elastic medium, time is like bubble gum: it expands and contracts according to the emotional experiences lived.
Exhibition where the visitor is invited to immerse himself into an aquatic universe where time accelerates, freezes and moves back in suspension, floating.
Series of sculptures, installations and prosthesis which lighten the weight of the material and which float in an internal world without gravity.
Space where the visitor is no longer tied to gravity and sinks to the bottom. Under a frozen sky, the visitor travels through coloured cathedrals, immersing himself in the glory of a time that is stationary, eternal and in movement.
Ester Fabregat Molné, Barcelona, 20 December 2011.