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Josep M. Jujol

as seen by Joan Alberich

29 April to 29 May 2010

As part of the Centenary commemoration of Tarragona’s Metropol Theatre, the Tarragona Museum of Modern Art is presenting the exhibition Josep M. Jujol as seen by Joan Alberich.

The exhibition features the works which Josep J. Jujol produced in the city of Tarragona, placing particular emphasis on the Metropol Theatre and various surrounding towns – including Els Pallaresos and La Secuita – and covers diverse elements within the architecture, such as religious, public, domestic and ornamental aspects, through the excellent photographic work of Joan Alberich.

The artists:

The architect Josep M. Jujol i Gibert (Tarragona, 1879 – Barcelona, 1949) was a true exponent of modernist architecture in our region. A collaborator with Antoni Gaudí on emblematic works such as La Pedrera or Parc Güell, he worked exhaustively in our region, giving his works an indelible stamp which remains even today.

Joan Alberich i Rion (La Canonja, 1951 – 2004) combined creative and industrial photography throughout his career. From 1988 onwards, he specialised in artistic heritage and documentary work. The photographs in this exhibition are a sample of the exhaustive report on the work produced by Josep M. Jujol, which was commissioned by the Diputació of Tarragona in 1999 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of the architect.