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Xavier Escribà

Workshop in transit

From 27 October to 4 December 2011


After obtaining top marks in his academic studies in Fine Arts in Paris, driven by an innate spirit of research linked to his way of seeing painting, Xavier Escribà decides to free himself of all that is superfluous. Through intense experimentation, he achieves the superposition of pictoric layers (which equal the artist's age in years) producing a type of resistant and flexible skin, a pure materialisation of the paint which takes on its own form as it solidifies and offers infinite handling properties: allowing it to be cut, folded, linked and rolled, while revealing its almond-shaped and window-like characteristics, similar to eyes that allow access to the layers below, linking the present and the memory of the piece.  In short, infinite formal solutions that naturally and inevitably lead to volume and three-dimensionality and explore the duality between the intrinsic physicality of the painting and the metaphorical references linked to the perception of the surroundings or personal imagination.  Thus Escribà produces a surprising poetic picto-biography in which content and continent are merged into a single, absolute and essential concept of art.
Furthermore, in this exhibition -adding continuity to a previous experience in Girona- the artist has decided to convert the exhibition space into an area of dynamic creation where the visitor can directly see and experience the manipulation and transformation process of the material, an open and free invitation to help eliminate the barriers between the public and contemporary art.

The artist will be present and working "in situ" at the Museum from 27 Octobre to 3 November.