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Let’s work with art

You are an are exhibiting at the MAMT

From 4 June to 3 July 2011

Treballem amb l'art

As part of its educational offer, the Museum of Modern Art of the Diputació of Tarragona (MAMT) presents the fifth edition of the interdisciplinary project You are an artist... you are exhibiting at the MAMT, addressed at all the schools in the Tarragona region. For the current 2010-2011 school year, we have counted on the collaboration of infants and first-cycle primary schoolchildren from the Sant Sebastià dels Pallaresos school, who have been working on the project by the artist Rufino Mesa: La Comella, Sculpture, Nature. The Saavedra de Tarragona school also participated in the infants and primary education classes, by working on the "Emotions" project and learning more about the works and artists in the Museum's collection.

This exhibition displays the work of the children who, throughout the school year, have been carrying out the educational activities proposed by the Museum and which are based on its own artistic heritage. At the initial stage, before visiting the Museum, the schools, with the help of the art consultants in the Tarragona region and the teachers, programme the teaching units to work on throughout the school year, based on the different activities proposed by the MAMT. Once the calendar of visits to the MAMT has been established and they have received the advice of the Museum's educators, the methodologies and the resources will be developed in order to work on the various content of the proposed activities.  Afterwards, the school will produce practical exercises based on the activities and the visit to the Museum. MAMT Education Services, together with the teachers and advisors, will coordinate and select the work of the pupils and the chosen works to be included on the exhibition display in the Museum from 4 June to 3 July 2011, so that the friends and family of our youngest artists and the general public can participate and share in their creations.