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José Ramón Moreno

"EN BLANCO" (in white)

From 14 July to 28 August 2011

José Ramón Moreno

The photographs presented in this exhibition are part of a larger body of photographic work which the photographer has produced since the middle of 2008.
They are abstract images on architectures with a distinct Mediterranean and rationalist character. The images exclusively combine geometry, light and shade, essential elements in photographic art, with which great artists, such as Hiroshi Sugimoto, have already investigated in a return to the basics of artistic language. The architectural function of the photographed elements is decontextualised, giving them their own identity within a context of falseness, of seeking a more profound truth about ourselves, and of our mathematical, geometrical and rationalistic concepts of beauty. Concepts which say more about ourselves than anything else, which speak of our desire for order, in profound contradiction with the natural entropy, with a nature which tends towards chaos, disorder and randomness.
In all the photographs, the use of black and white has two complementary significances: on the one hand, to recognise the residual importance of the colour, while, on the other, emphasising the importance of the forms and volumes, a very modern characteristic, which links the Mediterranean architectural traditions, doing justice to the historic coordinates and the symbolic aspect of the physical work.