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Jordi Secall

Velam Abstracte

From 24 march to 22 may, 2011

Jordi Secall

Inauguration: 24 of march

Jordi Secall Roure (Tarragona, 1932 – Barcelona 2010) was an artist, painter, engraver and lecturer in engraving at the Tarragona School of Art and Design of the Diputació de Tarragona. He studied at the same school and continued his studies at Llotja. In 1968, he graduated in Book Design and Art. He worked as a designer. He gained public recognition exhibiting with the Pere Johan Circle, in 1961, and with the Tarragona Group in 1970.
He considered himself an artist and wanted to be one. He never abandoned the universal informal language. He concentrated on abstract expressionism above all else. He characterises that which, at the same time, is spontaneous and processing, compounding and improvisational, and which interacts with chance.