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Núria Rion


Del 21 de gener al 21 de febrer del 2010

Núria Rion

 “Using a demolished space to ask questions about the construction of subjectivity involves combining the past, the present and the future, with experience, action, expectation and reconstruction”. And it also involves reconsidering other times and spaces such as waiting time, idle time, times of boredom, of nothing, of oblivion…

In this work, space is sought from two angles: on the one hand the location or locus, which involves working in situ, in the actual place (in this case the family home about to be demolished); a location which has been transformed (by projecting over it in a phantasmagoric way). And on the other, the non-location, which involves the symbolic and conceptual reconstruction of the location, for example in the fabrics, wood materials, drawings, photographs or installations. A topographic work of abstract and sentimental spaces with the inclusion of subjective aspects of memory”. text Judit Vidiella