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Store and bookshop

The Museum of Modern Art offers a range of products: stationery, t-shirts, ceramics, bags, etc. A collection of selected souvenirs for your visit to the Museum.

A collection of publications directly related to the Museum’s collections and activities are available to visitors.


The Tarragona Museum of Modern Art publishes several works describing the work it carries out in the different spheres of activity.

These publications include the Tamarit collection of art books, dedicated to the study and diffusion of local artists or artists who have spent much of their artistic career in our region. The Tamarit collection of art books is published in conjunction with Viena Serveis editorial s.l.

The Museum also publishes a catalogue of the temporary exhibitions held, sometimes as the sole publisher and sometimes in conjunction with other institutions.

It also publishes the studies and research related to the Education Service, including the Art and Museums Education Conference Days held every year.

Exchanges of Museum publications are managed through the Museum Bookshop at mamt@dipta.cat.

For more information and for purchases, call (+34) 977 235 032, or order by e-mail at mamt@dipta.cat.